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Yellow Brick Road

What I Have Taught:

I taught elementary music (K-4) for seven years in a small town in Northern Indiana. My degree allows me to teach K-12 general music, band, and choir, which means that I was involved in several areas outside of elementary music. I started an elementary choir, assisted with solo and ensemble events, developed curriculum, taught private music lessons, and assisted with the high school band. I was certainly never bored!


Quick, Fun Facts About Me:

When I’m not creating resources (which isn’t often), I’m spending time with my husband Brandon. We love to travel, engage in deep discussions, and try our best to agree on what to watch on Netflix.

I love spending time with friends, family, and coffee (not always in that order). My unique talents include:


  • knitting things halfway
  • choosing the perfect GIF for any situation
  • finding new ways to drink coffee

Why I Love TpT:

Being the only elementary music teacher in a school system, I often felt like I was on an island by myself. That sense of isolation was what inspired me to start blogging. Soon after, I became interested in creating resources to share, which led me to TpT. The community was inspiring and was a daily reminder that I wasn’t on an island by myself. I was surrounded by teacher-authors who were passionate to share their calling with the world.

TpT allows me to be both teacher and student. I have the privilege of providing resources that music teachers use every day. I get to share my lesson ideas through my blog and resources. Yet, I’m always learning from the TpT community. Whether that’s through social media or an insightful comment from a customer. It’s the best of both worlds!

Music Teacher Quick Tip:

Always keep a package of pipe cleaners on hand. Here are three ways you can use them in your classroom:

1. Vocal exploration

Have the students bend the pipe cleaners into different shapes. They could create zig-zags, spirals, circles, wavy lines, etc. Then, ask them to sing the lines and shapes. This gives you a chance to assess their skills, and the kids love it!

2. Rhythms

Ask students to shape the pipe cleaners into rhythms. Then, they can share those rhythms with partners by speaking or clapping. You could also have them speak the patterns to you as a form of assessment.

3. Cleaning

This one’s for you. Use those pipe cleaners to clean out the inside of those straws from your to-go cups. You’d be amazed and disgusted with the grime that builds up on the inside of those things!

Two products you may not have seen in my store:

I love designing classic resources; ones that you can use year after year in your classroom. They’re like your favorite pair of jeans. They’re comfortable, the perfect size, and they always make you look good.

That’s why I introduced the Basics Series last year. Each set focuses on a specific music concept, such as beat, rhythm, or dynamics. They show students how the concept looks, sounds, and feels. Best of all, I use a variety of real-world examples that are engaging for students of any age or background.

Basics of Pitch covers all learning preferences with the sight, sound, and feel of musical pitch.

Basics of Beat is great for teaching the difference between beat and rhythm.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Music Crew, and I’m looking forward to all the amazing resources we’ll be able to share with you over the coming year!

If you want to know more about me or browse all of my lesson ideas, please visit the Yellow Brick Road Blog.


Jennifer Hibbard
Yellow Brick Road


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