Marti Chandler

Store Name:

Mrs. Chandler’s Music Room

What I Have Taught:

PK-6 General Music, 4th and 5th grade Choir and Reading Intervention (that one caught you off-guard, didn’t it?)

I currently teach K-5 General Music and 4th and 5th grade Choir.

Where I am From and Where I Have Taught:

I am from Houston, Texas.  I have taught in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (my first two years) and Houston, where I have taught for the past 13 years.

Favorite Teaching Memory:

My first teaching assignment was in a low SES, urban school with sweet kids, few resources (at school OR at home) and limited parental involvement.  I had my own set of recorders for school and the students could borrow them during class.  I also gave them the opportunity to purchase a recorder if they wanted to do that.  Owning your own recorder was considered a status symbol.

One morning, after a long weekend of heavy snow, a student walked into my classroom and bought 4 recorders.  I asked him why he needed so many.  It turns out, he had gone door to door in the neighborhood asking people if he could shovel their sidewalks and driveways to make money to buy recorders for some of his classmates who couldn’t afford them.


Quick, Fun Facts About Me:

I play the trombone and euphonium, I LOVE chips and queso, I refuse to eat anything that has even been NEAR mayonnaise (ick!), my main liquid intake is in coffee form and I am married to an actual rocket scientist.

Why I Love TpT:

I love TpT because of the many different creative perspectives that can be found in one convenient location.  It really is a treasure-trove of information and lesson ideas and it is so easily accessible!  If TpT had existed when I first started teaching, it honestly could have saved me YEARS of hunting for ideas, making anchor charts by hand, making presentations from scratch, you name it!  I am not only an author, I am also a frequent 10pm on Sunday CUSTOMER. 😉


Music Teacher Quick Tip:

Set your rehearsal day and protect it like it’s your baby!

I have established, from the beginning of my teaching career, that Thursday afternoon is choir rehearsal.  From year to year, this stays consistent.  This might seem like a very mundane tip, but it makes a world of difference.  Teachers know that other school activities should not be scheduled at that time, families know not to schedule dance, sports, dentist, etc. until after 4pm on Thursdays, etc.  We all live hectic lifestyles these days and having something that is set in stone from year to year is extremely helpful to all involved!

Two products you may not have seen in my store:

My two FAVORITE products are my Note Spelling Task Cards (GREAT for subs!)  and my Recorder Skills Checklist Posters which are the rules my students live by when playing and practicing.  These really make teaching recorder enjoyable rather than a chore.  I LOVE RECORDER!

You NEED this in your Sub Tub!  It is a great activity for reviewing the notes of staff and it can be used as a whole class activity or in centers.

My students refer to this set of posters constantly when playing recorder.  It is a wonderful checklist to get your students into the right mindset for practicing on their own when you are not there to remind them of their practice strategies!  Use it enough, and your kiddos will have it memorized!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little more about me.  Be sure to stay tuned weekly and get to know the entire TpT Music Crew. We are a fun bunch!

Feel free to visit my website if you want to know more!

Marti Chandler
Mrs. Chandler’s Music Room

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