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Elementary Etudes

What I Have Taught:

I originally started teaching upper elementary music (3-5) as well as chorus for 5th/6th and honor choirs. The following year, I added K-2 to my schedule at the beginning and a transitioning kindergarten class mid-year. Currently, I teach JK-3rd grade as well as a multiage class and a small self-contained group. I accompany the high school band and choirs for concerts and events throughout the year, including the spring musical. Outside of school, I’ve taught piano and voice lessons to many students over the years. I always try to help however I’m needed!

Quick, Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m a new mom – Harper Louise Skog was born on January 6th, 2018!
  • I have a black cat named Eleanor – I don’t believe in that superstitious stuff.
  • I only eat Reese’s if they are the holiday shapes (eggs, trees, pumpkins, etc.)
  • I love clothes and shopping!
  • I was once quoted on the United States Senate floor in support of music education.

Why I Love TpT:

TpT was a great way to dive into something new. I’m not really an art/design/photography person, but it really helped me learn how to use technology in a new way. I love that teachers in small districts or rural areas have an opportunity to collaborate, find new ideas and give their students the best musical experience possible!

Music Teacher Quick Tip:

Never turn down materials in multiples! My mom had two packs of plastic buckets sitting in the basement. She asked if I wanted them and BAM – bucket drums for my older kids! A couple of teachers were getting rid of pretend-play food. With a few more requests, I have enough for a “musical groceries” center to practice rhythms. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box with materials. They might help you create some of the most engaging, creative and fun lessons ever!

Two products you may not have seen in my store:

I love having interactive resources for my self-contained and little learners. I’ve created several individual files and sets of beginning body percussion. It provides students with pictures, but you as the teacher can lead, introduce rhythms or teach more about the music. The students are able to practice a steady beat, get up and move and listen to some great music!

At the same time, I love using conducting to practice beat. For my older kids, we go through a conducting unit in the spring. My “Conducting for Beginners” product has information, examples, activities and extensions for a variety of grade and learning levels.

I’m so excited to be a part of the TpT Music Crew! There are so many awesome people coming together to help music teachers around the world. If you’d like to learn about me or my classroom, please visit

Christine Skog
Elementary Etudes

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Christine Skog

Christine Skog is a teacher-author and blogger of Elementary Etudes. She loves creating resources to bring the music of life to students. Christine has presented at workshops and conferences, helping those in rural settings connect and collaborate with one another. When she's not working, Christine loves spending time with her husband, daughter and cat.