Mark Parker

Store Name:

Musical Gems

What I Have Taught:

K-5 Elementary Music, fourth and fifth grade choir, and am currently co-director for our district fifth grade honor choir.

Where I am From and Where I Have Taught:

I grew up in the NASA area near Houston, Texas. I have taught most of my 29 years in Clear Creek ISD southeast of Houston.

Favorite Teaching Memory:

I am constantly running into students I have taught. I have come to dread the words, “Do you remember me?” Sometimes I actually do remember them which is fun. And other times I put on my best ‘of course I remember you’ face and go with the flow! It is always nice to run into them and find out what they are currently up to.

Quick, Fun Facts About Me:

I love to read. I am a fan of fantasy fiction- you know…. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Eragon to name a few. I also enjoy action adventure novels. I am a fast reader and can get through a novel in a few days-of course not much else gets done but I’m okay with that!

Why I Love TpT:

I like sharing my ideas with other teachers. TpT is also a great resource for lesson planning and finding unique learning experiences for my students.

Music Teacher Quick Tip:

My district has a centrally located Teacher Center with a huge collection of dies to use for cutting out numerous shapes. As a part of their collection they have the full collection of music notes from whole notes to eighth/sixteenth combinations. I bought myself some rolls of contact paper and a handy small pocket divider that you might use for coupons. Spent a morning at the center and die cut tons of notes. I divided them into the pockets of the holder by kinds and when I need a quick visual of a rhythm or a song I pull out my notes and peel the paper off the back and slap my visual together in a matter of minutes! I have red, blue, green and yellow notes of all kinds ready to go at a moment’s notice. Check out the photos below to see how I store these notes and a quickly completed project I used to review a recorder piece. The phrases of the melody were not in order and students had to play the segments to determine the correct phrase order.

Two products you may not have seen in my store:

My Orchestra family packets have been fairly popular. Maybe you haven’t seen this great lines and spaces bulletin board or these super awesome dynamics mobiles in my store. Check them out!

This is a fun lines and spaces bulletin board. It could last from spring through fall.

i love these mobiles hanging from my ceiling.they are both uplifting (get it??) and educational. They teach dynamics vocabulary and their definitions while they hang gracefully from the ceiling. Get a set right away!! 😉

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