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Rhythm and Glues

What I’ve Taught and Where I Taught It:

The 2017-2018 school year will be my 19th as a teacher! I have taught K-6 music in Texas (outside of Houston) for 16 of those years. I spent 3 years in Vermont as a 5th-8th grade computer skills teacher while I earned a graduate degree in teaching with technology.

My Favorite Teaching Memory:

My favorite teaching memory is from a regular day with a regular class. I like to improvise little countermelodies once my students really know a song. On this particular day, I had been really hamming it up to entertain the kids while we went through a long process of having each student compose a rhythmic B section for the students to perform. After hearing me jamming for a few repetitions, students started joining in on the improv! These students were singing with their whole hearts, and their classmates admired them for it. Nobody laughed or rolled their eyes when a harmony didn’t quite land the way it should have. It was one of those rare moments when everyone in the class was relaxed, brave, and accepting. The best!

Fun Fact About Me:

I love to have a really positive classroom environment, but sometimes I get really frustrated with students (as we all do). To keep myself from saying something that would damage our classroom culture, I like to sit down and play one of my drums when I am feeling overwhelmed by student behavior. Instead of yelling or making sarcastic remarks to my class, I play out those words on the drum. And…FUN FACT…the kids don’t speak drum, so they have no idea what that drum is saying. I get my yelling out and the kids get to hear some fun music!

Why I Love TpT:

I have been making my own classroom décor for a long time. The great thing about TpT is that now I can share it with other people! I love making digital resources – all the creativity of arts and crafts with no cleanup. My teacher friends are happy to pay me a few dollars to have cute designs, trendy colors, and poster sets they use every day in their classrooms. And they love the fact that they don’t have to drive across town to the teacher store or make it themselves! They just print and laminate.

Music Teacher Quick Tip:

Take the time to appreciate YOUR strengths! Great teachers are not all the same. Some are loud and some are quiet. Some are amazing planners while others get great results through on-the-fly interaction with students. Look at what you do well and use it to make connections with your students!

Two Products You May Not Have Seen in My Store:

I really love making class decor packs. Having a new look for my classroom when the year starts really keeps me motivated! This year I used the Rainbow Music Room Theme Super Bundle. I loved it! The watercolor rainbow images were beautiful and soothing. It’s a keeper!

Another product I really love is the Knock-A-Note Note Names Bundle! This game is great for my students to review their rhythm reading and gives me a great opportunity to assess individual students’ skills. This game gets the kids up and moving…and it is FUN!

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and my store! Being part of The Music Crew is pretty awesome. Later in the week I will be back with some tips on rehearsal planning for your music ensembles. Summer is a great time to plan ahead!

See you Soon!
– Lauren 🙂

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