Katie Robertson

Store Name:

Cowgirl Compositions

What I Have Taught:

PreK-12th Grade Music (Elementary Music, Middle School and High School Choir). I have also taught undergraduate general music classes as a graduate assistant.

Where I am From and Where I Have Taught:

I am an Oklahoman through and through! I grew up in Tulsa but live in Ponca City now. I taught undergraduate music classes at the University of Oklahoma while I was working on my Masters degree. I then worked as Elementary Music Specialist in Putnam City (Oklahoma City) for four years before teaching PreK-12th Grade music in Red Rock. I now teach private piano and oboe lessons and work as Editor and Web Administrator for the Oklahoma Music Educators Association.

Favorite Teaching Memory:

When I started teaching at Ralph Downs, I had three fourth grade girls with stellar voices. They auditioned for the Oklahoma All-State Children’s Choir (two were selected) and for the Organization of American Kodály Educators National Children’s Choir (all three were selected). We spent a ton of time together fundraising and prepping for our trip to Minnesota. Two of the girls traveled with me and we met the third in Minneapolis. They had such a great time singing in the choir and meeting students from across the country. As the trip progressed, they started referring to themselves as the “Three Ahs” because of the last syllable of their names. It was precious. Two of the three returned the next year in Phoenix and one continued for a third year in Hartford. I loved seeing the joy on their faces in rehearsals and during the performances – it was an experience I will never forget.

Quick, Fun Facts About Me:

My main squeeze is organization. Sometimes I will reorganize my closets and filing cabinets just to have an excuse to organize. Helping friends move is one of my favorite activities because I love to help them organize their kitchens. I might have a problem. When I have down time, I love to read historical fiction and binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix.

Why I Love TpT:

TpT is a one-stop shop for everything I need. When I was teaching full-time, it was a great place to find sub tub activities. Now I use it mostly for the clipart purchases. I LOVE looking through all of the clipart and the different styles of the artists. I also enjoy the primary level resources for my little one as we start working on basic school readiness skills.

Music Teacher Quick Tip:

Make your expectations clear from the beginning and stick to your guns! I always made a brochure each year for the students to take home about music class. It clearly outlined the expectations and consequences for music class as well as provided information about upcoming performances. I also included a little bit of information about me so the parents could get to know me personally. Having something physical in their hands at the beginning of the year made it hard for them to come back and gripe about “not knowing” the expectations or performance dates for the year.

Two products you may not have seen in my store:

Though many people find Cowgirl Compositions when looking for Nutcracker or Orchestra Units, I do offer some other unique resources for music educators. Two things you may not have seen in my store are my Create Your Own Game Templates or my Farm Units.

The unit focuses on Johnny’s adventures on the farm with some of his favorite animals and friends! Using story-telling, a new character is introduced on the farm each week that reinforces musical concepts including, but not limited to, steady beat, rest, high/low, and question/answer. The concept plan for each week includes objectives, song suggestions, literature connections to children’s books, and connections to classical music.

Simply insert your own image on each slide with a single symbol, save your new game, and you are ready to play! The symbols on the individual pages are already linked to the main page of symbols for each month. You could insert site words, vocabulary, math facts, musical patterns, etc. The sky is the limit! Plus, you can use it multiple times to create several different review games! The bundle includes 12 different games – one for each month of the year.

I hope you are enjoying meeting the TpT Music Crew! I am excited to be collaborating with this excellent group of music educators!

Katie Robertson
Cowgirl Compositions

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