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What is the TpT Music Crew?

The TpT Music Crew is a group of music resource sellers from Teachers Pay Teachers.  We work collaboratively and passionately to bring you the best resources for your classroom!

We know teaching music can be overwhelming; our mission is to provide resources that engage your students and expand their music literacy and appreciation.

Don’t stress about planning your next music lesson! We’ve done the work for you!

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Combined Years in Music Ed

Resources (and Counting!)

TPT Music Crew Hits the Road!

The TPT Music Crew will be setting up shop at several state music educator conferences this year.  We will be announcing our new locations very soon!!

Meet the Crew

Anacrusic logo


Purposeful. Sequential. Joyful
© Anne Mileski 2016


The Bates Clef logo

The Bates Clef

Music Resources & More
© Stacie Bates 2013


Cowgirl Compositions logo

Cowgirl Compositions

Resources for the Music Classroom
© Katie Robertson 2014


Floating Down the River logo

Floating Down the River

Music Resources that Make Teaching Easier
© Linda Seamons 2013


Ginny's Music Space logo

Ginny's Music Space

…putting a smile on your face!
© Ginny Capps 2014


Hutzel House of Music logo

Hutzel House of Music

Fun, reliable, and ready-to-go music resources, from my house to yours.
© Chrissy Hutzel 2014


i heart teaching music logo

I Heart Teaching Music

Elementary music education resources for the techie teacher.
© Angie Kelton 2014


Mrs. Chandler's Music Room logo

Mrs. Chandler's Music Room

© Marti Chandler 2014


Mrs. Peter's Tuneful Teaching logo

Mrs. Peter's Tuneful Teaching

Resources to make your lesson plans sing.
© Tamara Peters 2014


Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room logo

Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room

Fun resources for GREAT music teachers
© Melissa Stouffer 2014


Musical Gems logo

Musical Gems

The perfect gem for your music classroom.
© Mark Parker 2012


Musical Interactions logo

Musical Interactions

© Melissa Angstadt 2015


Music Educator Resources logo

Music Educator Resources

Helpful Resources for Today’s Music Teacher
© Jennifer Foxx 2014


Pitch Publications logo

Music in the Middle with Mr. D.

© Dale Duncan 2014


Music Mom logo

Music Mom

Making Music Fun to Teach
© Darlene Abbott 2015


Music Teacher Resources logo

Music Teacher Resources

Music Education Resources for Busy Teachers
© Kim Maloney 2012


Music with Miss W logo

Music with Miss W

Helping K-12 music educators gain their nights and weekends back
© Michelle Warshany 2014


Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt logo

Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt

Songs, games, and activities for the elementary music room.
© Rachel Tanenblatt 2014


Noteworthy by Jen logo

Noteworthy by Jen

Noteworthy music resources to inspire teachers and students.
© Jennifer Filipiak 2014


Organized Chaos logo

Organized Chaos

Purposeful creativity at home and in the music room.
© Elizabeth Caldwell 2014


Pitch Publications logo

Pitch Publications

Teach music. Love life.
© Shelley Tomich 2014


The Rested Musician logo

The Rested Musician

Assessment Games & Activities for the Elementary Music Classroom
© Nancy Otto 2013


Rhythm and Glues logo

Rhythm and Glues

© Lauren Summa 2016


Rhythmically Yours logo

Rhythmically Yours

© Kelly Parrish 2016


Sally's Sea of Songs logo

Sally's Sea of Songs

Diving into Music Education Resources & Strategies
© Sally Utley 2013


SillyOMusic logo


Making music ed. fun & clip art cute!
© Jane Marsilio 2014


Sing Play Creatively logo

Sing Play Create

© Sandra Hendrickson


Sing to Kids logo

Sing to Kids

Big resources for little musicians
© Jennifer Bailey 2013


Sweet Sounds logo

Sweet Sounds

Quality Kodaly Resources for Elementary Music Teachers
© Lori Sweet 2013


The Yellow Brick Road logo

The Yellow Brick Road

Fun education resources for serious music literacy.
© Jennifer Hibbard 2014



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